10 Tips for Buying a Home

1. Find an experienced Buyers Agent – Like us!

  • Why use a Realtor?  On the average people using a professional to purchase a home find one that meets their criteria in less time, pay less money, and receive assistance to get over any bumps in the road.
  • Why use a Buyers Agent? Having one Realtor who looks out for your best interest saves you a lot of time, aggravation and anxiety.
  • How much does it cost?  Most of the time, Portico, as a buyers agent, is paid at closing through an arrangement with the selling agent.  If that’s not the case, you’ll know ahead of time.

2.  Get Educated on the process – We’ll take the time to teach you

Buying a home has many steps.  Your Realtor is your friend in the business who will guide you through the process, every step of the way. One of the first steps is to sit down with one of us and we’ll explain the total process to you.  From steps one to step 10. Your best chance of success is to know what is expected and know what decisions need to be made before you have to make them.

3. Pre-Approval required – Let us walk you thorough it

The next thing to do when looking for a new home is to get approval for a home loan. There are many variations in financing and your friends in the business will guide you through the process in finding the best choice for you. Lenders have money to lend & Interest rates are still low.

4.  Start looking at homes-we’ll go with you 

As experienced buyer representatives we evaluate your criteria for a home and search for properties that fit your specifications. The Internet makes it easier for you to view properties yourself, yet your Realtors help you go beyond what you could do yourself.Utilizing the multiple listing services, which covers all property for sale with a Realtor, as well as private sources, we help you find the home you want. We search for property, arrange for and attend showings, help you wade through disclosures and information, and gather data that may not be provided but is in your best interest to know.

 5.  Find the right place and we help you make the offer

Once you have found a property, we help you determine its value, (the price you would pay) by taking into account many factors: the availability of similar properties, prices of properties sold in the last year, location and condition to name a few. It’s not just about the price, Portico realtors help you to take all the factors into account when making an offer:  price, terms, conditions, contingencies, deposit and time frame, to name a few.  

6.  A Contract – half-way there!  

We write it for you AND explain it. The contract is a legally binding contract. We make sure you know what to ask for and when so that you are agreeing to what you really want. When your offer is made, sellers may have some concerns or questions about the contract.  We will help you sift through any counteroffer including its conditions and negotiate toward the desired result: a new home!  When all of that is agreed on- then you have a contract.

7.  Inspections & Other Contingencies– we’ll be with you

What Inspections? What Contingencies? Not to worry, your friends at Portico know how to help with the multiple details. Two important factors:

  • The Home Inspection: A process that allows you time to inspect the property for numerous things including but not limited to: general building inspections shape is the house in, Septic, Water, Mold, Lead Paint, Pests, Code Conformance, Zoning, Flood zones, etc.
  • Contingencies are factors that you want to be sure of before you make the final agreement to buy that property.  You want to be sure you can get a loan; maybe you want to sell your home first, make sure repairs are done. Maybe its something required by your Lender, title company or insurance….the list can be long.  As buyers agents we know what to ask and when.  You can trust the details to us.

8.  The Paperwork Process

One of the most frequently made comments from buyers to us about the home buying process is “I Can’t Believe How Much Paperwork There Is!!” Not to worry, you have a friend in the business and we are professionals at this. We’ll explain all the papers and help you get them in and done on time. For your convenience  we use an electronic signing program that means less in person visits, faxing and scanning.

9. Almost there- getting ready for the closing and the move

It’s almost time! The final steps can be paperwork heavy and very time sensitive. Portico is great at keeping on top of the process:

  • Make sure you get homeowner’s insurance.
  • Transfer or establish accounts with utilities such as electric, water, gas, etc.
  • Final papers need to get to banks and title company.
  • Is there fuel? 

Portico’s expertise ensures you are on top of what needs to be done and when. 

10.  Moving Day!

This is it! What you’ve been waiting for. After we’ve all been to the closing and the furnishings are in place, you can relax and enjoy what this whole process and partnership has achieved. 

Portico Realty