5 Relocating Resources for the Big Move

Have you considered relocating to southern Maine or New Hampshire? Maybe you’re starting a new career in the Northeast or downsizing now that the kids are grown and moved out. Either way, there are lots of resources available to guide you. 

You can learn more about community planning and events with our helpful links page. We’ve collected town and city web page links from Portsmouth, New Hampshire up to Sanford, Maine to help you determine which area is right for you.

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Here’s a list of some our favorite guides for relocating:

1. Forbes.com has some fantastic tips if you’re considering relocating for a new job. From relocation assistance to cost of living tips, this is a must see if you’re starting to research your relocation options. 

2. RelocationGuide.com has a large volume of articles to help you with every imaginable topic when it comes to relocating. Need to transport a horse to your new property? There’s an article for that. They even compiled a toolbox page with links to Affordability Calculators, Mortgage Calculators, even a free label template for keeping you moving boxes organized.

3. Moving.com Complete with a comprehensive, step-by-step list to keep you sane during the transition from one home to another. There are many resources for transportation and moving company quotes on their site too. 

4. MyMove.com Includes free offers from big name brands and tips to help change your address. You can save on internet service, furniture and even home security with their

5. LifeHack.org put together a very useful list of moving tips. A favorite is packing a first night box with all the essentials after a long day of travel or moving your belongings in. 

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