Portico Realty

Buying a Home With Portico Realty

Why use a Realtor?

On the average people using a professional to purchase a home find one that meets their criteria in less time, pay less money, and receive assistance to get over any bumps in the road.

Why use a Buyers Agent?

Having one Realtor who looks out for your best interest saves you a lot of time, aggravation and anxiety.


How much does it cost? Normally with Portico as a buyers agent, payment is made at closing through an arrangement with the selling agent. If that's not the case, you'll know ahead of time.

The Search Begins!

heck out our current listings below and schedule a Buyers Consultation so we can help evaluate your criteria for a home and search for properties that fit your specifications.

We search for properties, arrange for and attend showings, help you wade through disclosures and information, and gather data that may not be provided but is in your best interest to know.