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Helping You Buy & Sell Real Estate in Maine & NH

Helping You Buy & Sell Real Estate in Maine & NH

Helping You Buy & Sell Real Estate in Maine & NH Helping You Buy & Sell Real Estate in Maine & NH Helping You Buy & Sell Real Estate in Maine & NH

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The world is in a different place right now and you may be wondering how real estate services are doing things for now.  Here is what the Governor has ordered and the rules that we are following. 


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Maine Governor Janet T. Mills issued an Executive Order No. 28   FY 19/20 on March 31, 2020 that orders restrictions on public contact and movement, schools,   vehicle travel and retail business operations ("Stay Healthy at   Home" Order). This Executive Order is effective from 12:01 am on April   2, 2020 through April 30, 2020 unless otherwise ordered.


On March 25, 2020, Governor Mills previously issued Executive   Order No. 19 FY 19/20 that directed Non-Essential Businesses and Operations   to cease activities at sites that are public facing. 

In response to the March 25th Executive Order  real estate services were deemed an "essential business."


The Maine Department of Economic and Community Development,   which has been designated as the agency to address interpretations of the   Executive Order, has issued specific guidance for commercial and residential   real estate activities. Please note that these guidelines must be carefully followed in   order for real estate activities to maintain their "essential"   designation. 

In addition to following the DECD guidelines, real estate   services should also adhere to these restrictions:

  • In-person open houses are prohibited (based on the guidance received with the March 25th       Executive Order)
  • During all interactions (including any in-person meetings with clients and customers), CDC        guidelines and the Executive Order mandates for personal and work site safety must be followed, including: physical distancing, group size, and health and safety precautions.
  • The Governor and  DECD Commissioner are urging remote work to the maximum extent        practicable

Additional directives in the March 31 Executive Order include:

The "Stay Healthy at  Home" Executive Order requires that all persons in the State of Maine   are to stay at their homes or places of residences except for the following   reasons:

  1. To conduct or participate in essential activities
  2. Workers of essential businesses and operations that are not required to close pursuant to the March 25th Order may travel for the following  reasons:

a. Between their homes and those essential businesses;

b. To and from child care; and

c. To and from customers for the purpose of delivering goods or  performing services

The Order directs that   "When out of the home or when at work at an essential business, all   individuals shall maintain a minimum distance of six feet from other persons."

The Order has the following  restrictions on travel: 

  1. No one shall use  public transportation unless absolutely necessary, for an essential        reason or for an essential job that cannot be done from home.
  2. Persons traveling in private vehicles shall limit passengers within their immediate household, unless transporting for essential activities.

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