What is My Home Worth


What Portico will do to evaluate your property
A.  First we will need for you to take a few minutes and provide us with some details about your property using the form found on the link below "What is My Home Worth?" 

B.  Back at the office we will do our research.  We will find out what we can about your property through town, county and real estate records.  Next we will research  other homes that have sold that are like yours, and lastly, we check out what else is on the market right now.
C.  We will prepare a written report for you outlining the facts and the property value.  If you are considering selling, we will also provide you with information on what should be done prior to the first showing and what we will do to help sell the property.

What we promise NEVER to do
A.  We will not over inflate the price to try and get you to list with us.

B.  We will not give you a low-ball price so we can be sure we can be sure of a sale.
C.  Pressure you into selling 

What is My Home Worth?

Portico Realty as Your Selling Agent

How Portico Realty Helps You Sell Your Home For The Most Amount Of Money In The Least Amount Of Time 


1.  DETERMINE THE BEST SELLING PRICE ​Realtors at Portico will help you determine the  best price for your home to sell in a reasonable amount of time by doing a property evaluation for you. Brian & Norma of Portico Realty will do a thorough analysis and provide all of the information in a written report to help you establish an offering price. Once the value of your home is determined, you will also be presented with some facts about other homes in the area for sale and from there you can decide on a price to offer it for sale at that will achieve your goals.  

2.  REVIEW AND COMPLETE ALL THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS TO SELL Oh my, there are forms, lots of legal forms. With the help and guidance of your realtors, we go over with you all of the paperwork required for selling a home . Our team will walk you through and explain all of the documents and contracts required. At Portico Realty, it’s important to us that you know what you are signing and why. Education is key!

3.  PREPARE YOUR HOME This is a crucial step and if you do everything else perfectly, but omit this step, it can be bad news. Portico will help you with the latest staging and property preparation suggestions.  If needed, we will provide, at our expense a home staging consultant to assist you.  Put your best foot forward right from the start – We can show you how.

 4.  PHOTOS TAKEN, SIGNS UP, ADS WRITTEN, WE PUT YOUR PROPERTY OUT THERE You benefit from Portico Realty’s Marketing Action Plan! Our multi-point marketing system gets the word out. You will receive regular communication from us about what we are doing to facilitate the sale of your property

5.  SHOWING OFF! PRESENTING YOUR HOME TO PROSPECTIVE BUYERS We  arrange for buyers and other realtors to see your property and present it in the best light possible.  After the showings, we provide you with a written notification of what they people thought

6.  OBTAIN A CONTRACT – SELL THE PROPERTY Receiving an offer DOESN’T MEAN IT’S SOLD ! When you receive an offer there is much  to consider  and many steps to go before you have passed papers and been paid. We help insure that you take all the factors into account :  price, terms, conditions, contingencies, deposit and time frame, to name a few. 

Negotiating - With our years of experience to draw on, we will help you sift through any counter-offer and its conditions to develop a strategy that will create the desired result: a successful sale.  

Getting to “SOLD”- Multiple details of selling a home could make you crazy:  As your selling realtor we know what to do and ask and when.  You can trust the details to us.  

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