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Unless there’s a flush of cash, you may certainly need a mortgage. We can show you some financing options.

Our REALTORS® can give you a call to explain all about mortgage and financing options in detail. We have been assisting people every day through the process for several years now.

Portico Realty
USDA - Rural Development Direct Single Family Home, Condo AND Can be new construction No Down payment 100% Financing . Can have sliding scale interest Rate. Can finance closing costs (if property appraises) financing up to 102% of purchase price (if appraisal supports) must go directly to USDA (income and location restriction)
USDA - Rural Development Guraranteed Single Family Home No Down payment 100% Financing. Can finance closing costs (if property appraises) A monthly fee, not called pmi added to loan "Guarantee Fee" Currently 2% at time of purchase and .4% monthly Can finance up to 102% of the loan value
Can often borrow for some improvements. Some income limits. DIRECT program has sliding scale interest rates.
VA 1-4 Unit Owner Occupied* With prior landlord experience, 75% of the rental income can be used to qualify No Down payment 100% Financing No One time funding Fee 2.15% for first time users, 3.3% for second time or more users. Disabled Vets no funding fee.
*Credit scores generally need to be min of 640 with debt to income ratios that need to be met (for example you can only have a percentage of your income going to all your bills and a percentage to your mortgage.) SELF-EMPLOYED: can quilify with documentaion of sufficient income.


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We are committed to helping you with the loan process in a seamless way. Our Portico Realty team offers a free consultation session to help you understand the process. We provide one-on-one or phone consultation.

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We can help you get the keys to the home you longed to possess. With us, homeownership is closer than you think. Bring a lender provider, or let us help you find the best one. With many years of experience, we can help you navigate the loan process.