What Portico Does For You

Accurate Analysis of Your Home Value

  • We want to meet you and gather some of the details about your property. This just takes a few minutes of your time and a brief tour of you home.
  • Leave the research up to us! We do this utilizing town, county, and real estate records.
  • A written report is prepared for you outlining facts about the property and the property value range, which will help you determine the listing price.


  • The paperwork is minimal, some forms to fill out and disclosures to sign. This can be done in person or electronically. 

Free Staging Consultation

  • Putting your best foot forward is essential to driving buyers to your property. Our years of experience will ensure that you look your best.

Professional Photographs

  • Great photos mean more showings.
  • Today's buyers may rule a potential home in or out of their search by the photos alone, so it is important to look your best.


  • Once paperwork is signed and advertising starts, the showings begin!
  • We attend all showings to answer buyer questions and make sure your house looks its best.

Offers, Contracts, Negotiations

  • Your appointed agent works with you on all the details start to finish - answering questions, providing advice, and looking out for your interests.
  • There will be inspections, appraisals, and other appointments. We will be sure to communicate these to you as they come up.

Closed Sale!

  • Moving day for you and the beginning of a new adventure!


The most accurate way to find out the market value of your home or property is to have a professional evaluation done. If it is not possible to have this done, the next best option is to have a market analysis done by a Real Estate Agent. With our tools and resources, we can help you determine the value of your property, usually within one business day of receiving your request.

What's my property worth?

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