Veteran's Grants

SAH, SHA, & TRA Grants & Assistance

Portico Realty partners with our US veterans and Active-Duty military to help with affordable and adaptive housing options. Our team of expert realtors will assist you in securing grants from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and finding a property that meets your requirements.

Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH)

The DVA has grant money for Service members and Veterans with certain permanent and total service-connected disabilities. These grants are to help purchase or construct an adapted home or modify an existing home to accommodate a disability. Two grant programs exist, the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grant and the Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grant.

How to use an SAH Grant

  • Construct a specially adapted home on land to be acquired
  • Build a home on land already owned if it is suitable for specially adapted housing
  • Remodel an existing home if it can be made suitable for specially adapted housing
  • Apply the grant against the unpaid principal mortgage balance of an adapted home already acquired without the assistance of a VA grant

Special Housing Adaptation (SHA)

Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) grants are available for veterans to use to adapt or purchase a home to assist in mobility based or service-connected disabilities.

How to Use SHA Grants

  • Adapt an existing home the veteran, or a family member, already owns and in which the veteran lives
  • Adapt a home the veteran, or family member, intends to purchase in which the veteran will live
  • Help a veteran purchase a home, already adapted, in which the veteran will live

Temporary Residence Adaptation Grant (TRA)

The VA Temporary Residence Adaptation Grant (TRA or VA TRA) is designed to provide funds to veterans in situations where the veteran lives temporarily in a family member’s home which must be modified to become more adaptable for the veteran.